About Us

John & Mary Reah opened Joneva’s doors to trading in 1992 following a combined 40 years in retailing. When they first came up with the idea of opening a chocolate shop people thought they were mad- let alone opening one in a quiet rural town in the heart of Yorkshire!

But the business became an overnight success through a combination of John & Mary’s attention to detail, perfectionism and desire to provide people with the finest gourmet foods in England.Over 20 years later Joneva is going stronger than ever!

Now Joneva is owned by John and Sandra Maughan, John was the former Sales Director of Farrah`s Harrogate Toffee and has over 20 years experience in confectionery. The shop today is at was under John and Mary Reah continuing with high standards and a desire to offer customers a wide choice of both traditional and new fine foods and confectionery.

Little known facts about the shop include the name being derived from combining John and Eva (Mary’s middle name) and also that a host of celebrities have visited the shop in the past including Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman, Alf Roberts from Coronation Street and The Two Fat Ladies! The delicious home-made fudge has even been sampled by the Archbishop of Cantebury! More recently Daniel Craig better known as 007 – (James Bond) has made a visit to the shop on more than one occasion.



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